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Exterior painting services:

  • Complete exterior painting of apartments, stucco, wood siding, and all types of composite siding

  • Decks and fences of all sizes

  • Pergolas and patio covers

  • Doors and shutters

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Exterior painting

Exterior painting is one area of home improvement you can use to give your property a new selling point quickly. Excellent paintwork on the exterior of your home or business will provide it with much-appreciated curb appeal.

Thorough, fast, and with an eye for details, our specialist, experienced exterior building painters will use the best of machines and expert knowledge to deliver a quality job you can brag about. As trustworthy painters, we don’t cut corners and stand behind all our paintwork.

Exterior painting services:

  • Complete exterior painting of apartments, stucco, wood siding, and all types of composite siding

  • Decks and fences of all sizes

  • Pergolas and patio covers

  • Doors and shutters

Painting the Wall
Renovating a Room

Interior Painting

Interior painting is a favorite for two reasons: it’s a cost-effective and efficient approach to giving your home an instant upgrade. Secondly, you don’t need to paint the entire property all at one time to see its benefit.

That’s where we come in – at Platinum Home Remodeling INC, we provide seasoned painters that look forward to making your day. Whether you want to change the colors of the walls, ceilings, trim, doors, closet, and anything in between in the entire building or just in selected rooms, expect us to exceed your expectations.

Interior painting services include:

  • Walls and ceilings

  • Trim work including doors, windows, baseboards, and crown molding

  • Cabinet Staining, painting, and finishing

Interior &

Exterior Paint

Truth is: a home with old paint is uninspiring and a huge turn-off. Don’t allow peels and cracks to ruin the pride of owning a home. From siding to stucco, or whether it’s the trim you want to be touched up, our experienced painters at Platinum Home Remodeling INC will get the job done.

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With our professional painters, we provide exterior and interior painting services that will brighten the appearance of your property and improve its value.

You know you’re guaranteed full value for your money because our painting experts will tackle your projects with precise detail.


Our team of professionals has the proven capabilities to care for both large paintwork and smaller embellishment work for both new construction and renovation of homes, shops, public buildings as well as classified buildings and monuments.

With environmentally friendly paints and products from well-known manufacturers, we can work on any surface of your building. When choosing a product, we not only pay attention to the aesthetics and the resistance of the colors but also the compatibility plays a significant role for us, especially for allergy sufferers. Our paint jobs are done with finesse, to give your property the best appearance possible.

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Interior Painting, is often one of the most difficult choices. We are glad that we have chosen MegaModelling as they provided us with assurance throughout the period as unforeseen circumstances arose such as Covid19 pandemic and they still came through.

Big thank you to MegaModelling for making our dream home come to life! The end result of the whole painting was definitely great and I dare say even exceeded our expectations. Not only was the end result beautiful, but we can also see and feel the high


The communication process with the entire team was prompt and clear. In addition, the team was forthcoming on any ideas and was quick to respond with any alternative suggestions or ideas to spruce up the renovation project. MegaModelling are the best

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