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Marble Surface


The roof is unquestionably one of the standout features of your building. Therefore the need to partner with an amazingly skilled roofing specialist to tend to your roofing needs is a must if you want a happy ending. To distinguish ourselves as the perfect practical experts from others, Platinum Home Remodeling INC can meet your roofing needs with great success – from a single missing slate to an entirely new roof for commercial to residential buildings.

Floor Installation

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We are committed to creating pleasing and awe-inspiring flooring for your home and business. The flooring of your home impacts the atmosphere positively and ensures comfort when done right. A poorly laid floor or bad-looking floor does the opposite.Here at Platinum Home Remodeling INC, we set about each task with the passion for ensuring customer satisfaction by offering high quality flooring services, the provision of exciting choice options and value for money.

Installing Laminated Floor

For a good job the first time, we leverage our wealth of experience to provide installation and repairs in all types of flooring. Whether you are looking to have a professional in for existing floor renovation or you are looking for quality flooring accessories, our flooring services are second to none, and we are sure that once you have experienced our work, you will recommend us to all your friends.

With Platinum Home Remodeling INC, your floor is in good hands, and you can be assured that your flooring will have a quality finish at an affordable price.

The knowledge of our experts is unsurpassed. With a broad and diverse background which includes working with various professionals from architects, contractors, and flooring manufacturers to quality-discerning users, you’ll quickly discover why we are your best bet in all aspects of flooring, including carpets, vinyl, wood, and natural flooring.

Marble Surface

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At MegaRemodelling, we provide a blend of all three and are equipped with the best equipment to give you a flawless floor. Because we know that the key to a successful floor application is 100% through surface preparation and skilled application, we are very confident in the stunning floor we would provide you! So we carry out our own surface preparation using skilled labor and specialized equipment, then lay the right flooring system depending on your requirements

Hardwood flooring is very popular because it varies in color – from light tan to pale yellow-brown with a pinkish tinge.  Carefully selected from sustainably managed forests, we can add elegance and character to your interior with this incredibly durable and long-lasting flooring solution.

Vinyl floor

Flooring made of vinyl design impresses with its sophistication available in a variety of wood, stone, and the color looks.

Natural charisma, distinctive look, paired with unparalleled elegance that is the charisma of parquet. Parquet is extremely versatile.

Our natural stone flooring, is made from 2-3mm natural river gravel sourced from river beds and screened several times for size and shape before they are dyed and mixed with an epoxy resin to give a durable, long-lasting finish.

Laminate Floors are durable and offer a vast choice of décor for any interior design style. With a laminate floor, you always make the right choice whether for the kitchen, bedroom, study, living room, hall, nursery, attic, or cellar.

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Marble Surface

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Hardwood Floor Room
Hardwood Floor
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